2018 Partner Alliance Rewind: InComm Healthcare & Affinity


‚ÄčPA_Rewind_Blog_IHA.pngOur annual Partner Alliance is well-known as one of the most collaborative and beneficial events in the industry. But not everyone can make it every year.

We have you covered.

During this year's Partner Alliance in San Antonio, Kristen Rocco, our Director of Communications, spoke with a few of InComm's business leaders and subject matter experts about the industry's hot topics. For this installment, she spoke with David Viehler, Senior Vice President and General Manager of InComm Healthcare & Affinity.

Here is a small sample of their conversation:


Kristen Rocco: What is most exciting about InComm Healthcare & Affinity in 2018?

David Viehler: This year it is all about growth, which has been our theme for the last couple of years. We have built out a really strong retail network that includes the world's largest retailers to accept our prepaid cards.  Unlike some of the other payment networks, ours is all about being very narrow and selective in who participates in order to meet the goals of our sponsored partners.


To listen to the entire conversation, click here.