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InComm is proud to make our prepaid and payment products and services available to those working for the United States Government. Our prepaid and gift cards make it easy for those working in the armed forces, as well as postal workers, to locate and purchase our products for themselves or as a gift.

InComm enjoys a contract with our nation’s military

Our contract with the military allows us to serve every Army, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and Marine base in the world, including those in 30 countries outside the U.S.

In addition, we provide six different types of American Express cards in 5,000 Post Office locations throughout the country.

We make it easy and convenient to shop – almost anywhere in the world

Because military bases can often be compared to small cities, they have a number of outlets where gift card destinations offer one-stop-shopping for residents, and our financial, wireless, gaming and third-party gift card products can be found in a number of retail locations on site.

On each base, we stock displays in gas stations, big box stores, hospitals, convenience stores and more.

Products designed to keep in touch

Our standard offerings provide more than just entertainment for a young, hip and primarily male demographic—they include useful tools for dealing with the challenges of being away from home, such as reloadable cards for self-use and no-contract wireless solutions.