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In 2012, we acquired Medagate Corporation, the company that powers OTCNetwork™, the first and only national closed-loop over-the-counter (OTC) healthcare benefits payment platform, used at retail locations nationwide. OTCNetwork is the benefits disbursement and redemption network for Medicare Advantage plans, State Medicaid programs and their members. Consumers can easily access and spend their monthly healthcare benefits in an easy and familiar manner. Plus, health plan providers can reduce healthcare costs and attract and retain members by offering them unique incentives to improve overall health and wellness.

InComm helps promote better use of OTC item benefits

OTCNetwork enables leading health plans and state governments offering Medicare Advantage and State Medicaid programs to offer their members easier access to OTC item benefits – improving the members’ overall health by encouraging them to care for themselves, and dramatically reducing healthcare program costs.

OTCMedicare™ and OTCMedicaid™ branded re-loadable prepaid cards are the first to restrict spending exclusively to OTC Medicare and Medicaid Benefits-eligible items.

Through this platform, we are able to create targeted reward programs for companies—from general wellness initiatives to specific programs like vaccinations, smoking cessation or weight loss.

Through Medagate solutions, insurers can control spending

Health insurance plans can better manage benefit and incentive dollars using restricted-spend prepaid cards over our proprietary payment network. For example, we allow Medicare Advantage Plans to issue stored-value cards for purchase of products or services such as flu vaccinations.

For Medicaid, we put restricted-spend prepaid cards together with the government’s free Lifeline cell phone program and monthly minutes, to communicate health quality initiatives and rewards. This helps manage where dollars are spent and which products members can buy.

As the national focus on healthcare increases, Medagate offers solutions

Medagate benefits everyone involved in healthcare including retailers, health insurance companies and consumers. The convenience of Medagate’s platform, combined with the reach of our merchant network, enables retailers to expand on the health and wellness programs they offer to customers covered under medical insurance plans as well as those covered by Medicare and Medicaid.