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InComm was launched to enhance sales in one industry: long distance. Since those first prepaid long distance cards were produced in 1992, our technology has grown to levels we never could have foreseen, making life easier for consumers while driving traffic for brand and retail partners.


With some of the most competitive rates in the industry and well-established relationships with all major carriers, InComm can offer a variety of prepaid long-distance products that provide consumers extremely competitive domestic and international calling plans.

We specialize in international mobile-to-mobile calling, PIN-less dialing and geographically targeted solutions for consumers calling Mexico, Latin America, South America, Central America, Asia and Africa.


Through InComm’s ability to provide a variety of products to suit consumers’ needs, retailers can enjoy enhanced traffic created by customers looking for the most cost-effective and hassle-free ways to buy long distance service.

Gain an extra revenue stream through wireless

The availability of prepaid smartphone handsets – along with the expected growth of no-contract wireless sales from $19 billion in 2010 to $35 billion in 2015, according to ATLANTIC-ACM, a leading telecommunications industry research firm – means the prepaid wireless business will keep on growing.

As the economy shifts and consumers move from contract to no-contract, the options allow them to pay on their own terms—by minute, by month or through monthly unlimited plans, where users pay every 30 days but aren’t obligated beyond that month.

Through our technology, consumers can purchase prepaid cards at their favorite retail locations, pay at the register, then return, reload funds and reuse the original card so there’s no need to buy and activate new cards when balances run out. We also offer pinless value insertion technology, which allows wireless customers to add funds to their accounts without a prepaid card purchase—they can simply add money right at the register.

We have relationships with all the major carriers including AT&T, Verizon, Virgin, T-Mobile, Sprint Prepaid Group, Boost and a number of smaller, regional brands as well. Our domestic and international prepaid wireless solutions provide an extra source of revenue for our partners, allowing them more channels in which to sell. In turn, consumers are afforded more convenient opportunities to buy and retailers gain access to a new customer base.