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You run for the bus, fumbling in your purse for enough correct change – you’re only ten cents short. Will the driver spot you the dime? You wait in line behind someone who’s lost his transfer. The only one who’s having a worse morning than you is the bus driver. Fast forward: what a difference technology makes! Today’s transit passes mean no fumbling with cash, no making change, no lost transfers.

The prepaid card has gained traction

It’s easy to see why; transit cards offer riders and operators increased convenience, security and flexibility. Transit agencies enjoy reduced cash handling, maintenance and security costs.

InComm, the global leader in prepaid and payment solutions, is at the forefront of this brave new world of faster, safer and more secure transit payments. Busses, toll roads, subways, light rail and ferries are some of the transportation options now on board with a transit pass system.

More money, less hassle by modernizing transit fares

Pre-technology, mass transit agencies were all cash. Then tokens offered advantages such as alleviating the need for exact change and reducing employee theft. The 1970s gave us the prepaid magnetic stripe card; by the 1990s, some offered “smart” cards.

That’s the decade that saw the birth of InComm. Since 1992, our technology has made life easier for consumers while enhancing sales for product and retail partners. As we grew, our technology expanded to help a more diverse group of partners – including transit companies – streamline the fare payment process.

You have challenges? InComm has solutions

As a veteran in the implementation of cashless transit fare systems, InComm understands its challenges. For instance, many times the stakeholders – transit agencies, municipalities, technology vendors – have not been able to agree on a standardized interoperable platform.

A standardized platform is vital to the success of a cashless transit payment system; standards set communication requirements and protocols between the card and reader, and provide interoperability to support transit, banking, retail and security applications.

InComm platforms and systems support commerce around the world, and our technologies constantly evolve. We build tools for our partners that allow them to perform and expand business functions. For example, we are working closely with toll and transit companies to layer tap-and-go technology to both open-loop and closed-loop cards, additionally providing auto-replenishment, activation, redemption and reporting services.

We employ a department of professionals dedicated to developing ongoing marketing plans from creation to sell-in process, from execution to results measurement. As a go-to-market company, our turnkey, end-to-end solutions – including complete product rollout and marketing support – provide toll and transit agencies with everything they need to execute a successful transition.

So what’s down the road for your transit agency?

International developments in transit industry payment systems illustrate the potential market efficiencies and cost savings that can be gained from card technology. Business analysis demonstrates, too, the promising return on investment of card technology in the long term. The main advantages are lower maintenance costs; speed and flexibility; better security over payments for mass transit operators, merchants and consumers; and implementation of an electronic information system that can gather usage statistics.

These advantages should be enough to motivate the toll and transit agency to go mainstream and implement prepaid card electronic payment options.  Are you motivated?