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Second to none: that’s how we rate the category management program InComm has created over the past two decades in the industry. InComm retail partners receive the attention of a full team of specialists who create revolutionary, robust plans that help grow their businesses. Our recommendations merge the science of our cutting-edge technology with the art of expertise to create unique best practices for each partner.

Our end-to-end services buy you a priceless understanding of consumer shopping behavior

Using that understanding, we balance product offerings and space allocation, helping our retail partners better manage their space to create a consumer-friendly shopping experience. Then we maximize the sales potential of new products and drive incremental sales lift through promotions.

Reporting and analysis has given us valuable insights

We have helped thousands of retail locations improve their stock selection and replenishment, giving us the opportunity to analyze a large amount of data. We gain important information and insights from it – for instance, how to optimize merchandising so that it features logical displays that cut down on the “sea of cards” that can often prove confusing to consumers.

Offering as many cards as possible doesn’t necessarily translate into higher sales.

That’s why we carefully compile consumer insights. Then we combine them with sales and margin data to create an efficient card assortment that leads to a better consumer shopping experience.

We can show you, by category, which SKUs are performing and which aren’t—we help retailers avoid missed opportunities by balancing their retail space and product offerings. We propose plans that work – and we work alongside you – from the initial planning stages to the actual merchandising of the cards.

More than just knowledge, we offer boots on the ground

A professional, onsite category management team ensures our partners are able to provide consumers with information and education at the point of sale. We can offer messaging and signage that is user-friendly and visually interesting as well as personal, hands-on care.