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Almost everyone, everywhere in the civilized world is connected – whether it’s online, on a mobile device or plugged into a social networking site. And sales through digital channels are continuing to grow, projected to increase to $114 billion over the next four years. Wouldn’t this be a good time to partner with InComm? Our digital delivery products and services help partners capitalize on that growth.

Digital gift cards from your site offer immediate delivery

With digital delivery from InComm, brands and retailers can offer their prepaid cards online, sent to the recipient electronically. You enjoy the sales, we do the back-office work! Our digital delivery application integrates with your existing web site for a seamless e-commerce experience. It also boasts:

  • Flexible shopping cart models in which either you or InComm can own the cart
  • Multiple delivery methods such as email, Facebook, physical cards or mobile
  • Group gifting options with larger load values
  • Unlimited card art, with the ability to upload a personal photo
  • Flexible denominations

Extend your gift card destinations with third-party websites

Digital delivery via third-party web sites widens your reach. Through our exclusive partnerships with the world’s top e-commerce sites, we can pass along access to new virtual distribution channels to our retail partners. Pulling gift card codes in real-time from your processor, InComm can provide virtual fulfillment for third-party sites.

Deliver gift cards and more from a custom branded mobile application

Our retailer-branded mobile commerce application features a prepaid card store and your branded gift card as a payment. Plus, choose from our menu of features based on your current needs, and then expand and customize as necessary:

  • Target local customers with GPS integration
  • Reward customers or provide incentives via your existing loyalty program
  • Offer coupons and promotions
  • Allow payment via your own branded gift card or other network cards
  • Deliver store information and more
  • Provide compatibility with multiple mobile operating systems

Introducing Adility. enabling online-to-offline commerce

Provide an “endless aisle” for customers with our in-store digital sales program. Shoppers scan a barcode, browse an extensive catalog of digital goods—including music, movies, books, gift cards and more—and purchase the products they want at POS. Plus, drive foot traffic at retail by providing a personalized shopping experience through the use of single-use coupons, promotions and alerts to consumers’ smartphones. Or, offer bonus content tied to the purchase of any InComm-activated prepaid product. The options are unique and customizable to help drive your business.

Make buying gift cards a social event

Digital delivery via social media makes branded cards available on your Facebook fan page for social and group gifting. This solution supports delivery via email, Facebook, mobile or even a physical card.

We take care of the backend technology, including the cart, payment details and fraud protection so you can focus on providing your customers the best group gifting experience out there! You can offer consumers unlimited card options, bigger load values and the ability to share the gifting among as many friends as they want—each contributing as much as they want.