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In such a competitive marketplace, excellent customer service is a must. Social media, too, dictates that all our cardholders are happy cardholders. So we man the front lines where customer support is concerned. Our large customer base encompasses retailers, leading brands and consumers. To meet the varied needs of each segment, we put together talented teams that have the tools, training and support personnel necessary to handle inquiries that are satisfied—in most instances—in a single call.

Support for Merchant Services

All our call centers are staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year to ensure all caller issues and questions are resolved as quickly as possible. And our call center is right here in the USA – we don’t “farm out” our customer service to other countries.

Our Merchant Services team handles a wide array of tasks, ranging from technical aid on terminals to transaction verification. Management support is available at all times, and our representatives provide multilingual service to our retail customers calling for assistance with our terminals, kiosks and products.

Customer Care Services

Same goes for our cardholders; 24/7 service. Our philosophy when dealing with issues raised by consumers calling our center, with representatives located here in the United States, is to resolve each caller’s question as quickly as possible. Our multilingual operators routinely handle inquiries regarding our wireless, long-distance and financial services products.

As in all aspects of our business, InComm continues to apply solutions based on the latest technology to solve customer care issues. For instance, because our studies show that almost a significant number of calls from cardholders are made to simply obtain their card balance, InComm’s Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, automates this service and delivers the information quickly, maximizing customer satisfaction.