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According to an August 2012 article in the Huffington Post, the market for prepaid cards surged in 2011 to $483 billion – and it’s expected to climb to almost $600 billion in 2013. That means there are thousands of prepaid cards in the marketplace, and thousands more to come; most of them will be supported by InComm. And the support begins right at the concept; our packaging, innovation and creative experts use their award-winning skills to create consumer-friendly products. They work alongside the production and distribution teams to ensure your perfect products reach their intended destinations.

Launching a new prepaid? Start with the experts

InComm manages the creation of both open- loop cards, such as our Vanilla® Gift Card, and closed-loop cards for specific brands.

We design and create gift cards that are perfect for every occasion imaginable including holiday, birthday, wedding, new baby and thank-you. Other prepaid cards and payment products include long distance, wireless, reloadable debit cards, gaming, music and more. 

If you’re thinking of launching a prepaid program, working with InComm’s award-winning design and product innovations team is a step in the right direction. We know how to attract customers to your product.

Thoroughly tested and approved – by you

Designed with the consumer’s wants and needs in mind, all our products—whether produced for a major restaurant chain, a movie theater franchise or a popular clothing store—pair form with function. First and foremost, our card designs and innovative, patented packaging attract customers to the product, enticing them to purchase one or two or more for self-use, gift giving or both.

But while making your packaging attractive to consumers, we also ensure all our unique card designs fit your defined merchandising plan; we also secure both brand and retailer approval of the card and packaging. As a final step, we thoroughly test each new product to support activation at point-of-sale and enable customer redemption.

Your new prepaid card can be customized to suit your business objectives

Thinking of expanding your target market? We can work with you to create prepaid cards to attract a particular market segment, such as our Hispanic-focused products.