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If those expectations published recently by the Mercator Advisory Group are accurate, InComm will be very busy indeed. Our partners look to us to provide service and support for hundreds of thousands of open- and closed-loop card products at retail locations around the world. To stay ahead of the curve and anticipate the needs of retailers, brands and consumers, our robust and agile technology platforms and systems are constantly evolving.

Empowering customers and users is our primary goal

So we focus on building tools for our partners that allow them to perform necessary business functions at their own pace—with our complete support at every step of the process. For example, our proprietary Vanilla® Card Management System is a highly configurable, stored-value platform that allows consumers to purchase and activate open- or closed-loop cards and add value in a number of different ways.

We’re even meeting mass transit needs

Currently, we are working closely with toll and transit companies to layer tap-and-go technology
to both open- and closed-loop cards, and providing auto-replenishment, activation, redemption and reporting services.

Constant innovation helps us serve our partners

To stay ahead, we build our systems with the capacity to easily layer other technologies on top of them, such as mobile applications that access data or loyalty components that add value to the consumer by rewarding certain purchasing behavior. We explore evolving technologies such as Near-Field Communications, seeking out improved ways for consumers to access their card balances through
digital delivery.

When we work with a new partner, we seamlessly convert their book of business into our process
by offering:

  • Background certifications
  • Backup systems
  • Products we stand behind
  • Toolkits to integrate with existing point-of-sale technology
  • Terminal-to-terminal communication
  • Ability to interface with other systems

At InComm, we are proactive in our approach to technology and systems innovation—anticipating what our partners need before they need it, providing expert consultation.