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While consumers worldwide are basking in the convenience of online shopping, retailers are working harder than ever; your customers are the “new consumers” – more demanding, better informed and looking for the fastest, easiest path to their purchase. Do you have the tools and technologies required to successfully compete and capture the new consumers, and bring them back to your store?

InComm works with you to
create a destination

Retailers turn to InComm to create a destination across multiple channels – a reason for customers to come back in – whether to an existing brick and mortar location, an online location or both.

Our cutting-edge technologies enable the transactions of the most forward-thinking customers, including digital delivery solutions, mobile integrations and innovative social gifting options like group gifting.

Our products and promotions
get you noticed

Finding the latest, greatest and most relevant products can create new revenue streams. Gaming cards, for example – unheard of just a few years ago – burst onto the market, bringing with them a generation of new in-store and online customers.

Our teams are constantly on the lookout for “the next big thing” -- analyzing mix and category to determine the best new products. And InComm’s flexible technology platform takes care of integration with these latest and greatest products, so retailers don’t have to.

We combine the latest industry research with our thorough understanding of consumer shopping behavior to help build sales. Our promotions team acts in tandem with our sales professionals to develop ongoing marketing plans for our retailer and brand partners. We can handle the creation (including award-winning creative work), implementation and measurement of each program.

Guess what generates the highest dollar per square foot?

For most retailers, it’s the prepaid card display. That’s why a partnership with InComm is a win/win deal – convenient, one-stop shopping for customers, increased revenue for retailers.

We tailor unique programs with a host of different services such as our point-of-sale activation technology, promotions and a constantly evolving array of new prepaid and payment card products.

An array of category
management services

Using our decades of experience in the prepaid and payments industry, we help you build your business through a variety of channels—in-store, online, via mobile and on social sites. Our services encompass everything from research-backed recommendations and an understanding of consumer shopping behavior to balancing product offerings with available space and creating a consumer-friendly shopping experience. Should your customers need assistance, they have access to a real voice through our dedicated, multilingual merchant and customer care center 24 hours a day, seven days a week.