3 Ways to Stand Out as a Medicaid Health Plan
May 31, 2023

How It Works

Restricted network card icon

Provide members a restricted network card.

Digital and physical delivery icon

Both digital and physical delivery options.

Personalized materials icon

Personalized and custom-branded materials.

Offer Customized Programs

members to make healthy choices while meeting basic needs.

Baby icon for new moms

New mom’s program:

Benefit funds can be used to purchase prenatal essentials like healthy foods, post-pregnancy and baby care products (wipes, formula, food, first aid).

Grocery icon for food insecurity

Food Insecurity:

Restrict spending to healthy food choices. Benefit funds can be used on essential grocery items with no cash withdrawal.

Wellness rewards icon

Wellness Rewards:

  • Allow members to participate in wellness challenges, track their progress, and view their rewards balance
  • Health plans can choose the wellness challenges, and what notifications are sent, to best engage their members
  • Close care gaps with rewards
  • Increase HEDIS scores and Star ratings
Cursor on a digital computer screen icon

Make it Digital

Take the cost out of physical delivery and provide a fully customizable digital reward via email or text.

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