A Single Integration Enables Multiple Payment Possibilities
September 27, 2022

Discover how InComm Payments empowers the point of sale. 

In a rapidly changing industry vying for consumer dollars and allegiance, merchants face myriad challenges. Making sure that they can process payments at the point of sale is certainly an important one.

Consumers have the ability to pay in many different ways now. One consumer could pull out a GPR card to pay. Another may use digital currency via their phone. A shopper might decide to use the points on their loyalty card to settle up a bill. A merchant unprepared for such payments would certainly be left holding the shopping bag and miss the sale entirely. Not only do consumers expect to pay in the manner they choose, but they also want the transaction to be quick and hassle-free, too.

Consumers ranked their favorite ways to pay among all contactless and traditional methods*:

  1. Debit
  2. Credit
  3. Cash
  4. Tap & Go
  5. Mobile Wallet

To meet consumer needs, merchants need a partner who can deliver leading-edge technologies to empower their processing capabilities. A flexible platform, connected to the merchant’s point of sale via a single integration – like the one InComm Payments offers – can transform transactions and enhance the customer experience.

Top three factors influencing consumers’ choice of payment method*:

  1. Convenience
  2. Ease of use
  3. Acceptance in store

Through one connection, InComm Payments simplifies a merchant’s payment operations and enables them to offer cutting-edge payment technology, impacting nearly every transaction. This integration will help merchants deliver a streamlined and efficient payment experience to customers in store or online. The solutions offer consumers several key benefits:

• Omnichannel consistency to ensure a payment connection wherever the consumer may be.
• Digital offers and incentives that can be customized to deliver engaging deals.
• Enhanced security for greater security and peace of mind.

Partnering with InComm Payments and its single integration brings merchants unparalleled solutions that can significantly impact operations, customer engagement, as well as costs. Here are just a few of the benefits:

• Reduced IT duties – Limits and simplifies connections, helping to ease the burden on internal IT departments.
• Simplified payment infrastructure – Consolidates operations and eliminates the need for multiple connection points.
• Lower costs – Reduces payment acceptance fees and infrastructure management costs.
• Vast retail network – Access to InComm Payments network, providing opportunities to scale programs rapidly.
• Help retention with digital offers and incentives – Endless possibilities for compelling discounts, tie-ins and tailored promotions.

With innovations in payment methods such as QR codes, digital currencies and mobile wallets giving consumers more ways to pay than ever before, retailers are increasingly expected to have the ability to process whatever payment tender is presented at checkout or on a website. This showcases another significant advantage of a single integration in that it enables InComm Payments to add new technologies to the retailer’s existing payments system easily and seamlessly once they’re connected to the network.

Consumers stated that the key benefits of paying with a QR code or barcode app were speed, ease of use and that they didn’t have to pull out a wallet or purse.*

A merchant never wants to turn away a customer because they can’t handle a payment method. Fortunately, via a single integration at the point of sale, InComm Payments ensures that a merchant has the latest and greatest payments technology and support to process anything that is presented at their checkout counter or on their webpage.

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* InComm Payments Report, 2022