InComm North Asia: Japan Hong Kong South Korea Taiwan China

InComm Payments first entered the North Asia region in 2008 with Japan, one of the most forward-thinking countries in the world. We have carried that spirit into four additional countries in the region, bypassing traditional payment options and delivering innovative solutions to eager consumers.

On The Leading Edge For More Than A Decade


Helping our partners launch products and win the market

The Chinese market thrives on advanced e-commerce technology and mobile payment solutions, which makes it a commerce environment that thrives on innovation. Since entering the market in 2013, we have worked diligently to introduce game-changing payment innovations.

Hong Kong

Changing the market through the point of sale

When InComm Payments first entered the Hong Kong market in 2012, we made an immediate impact by introducing point-of-sale activation. This one innovation opened the doors for many more products and solutions to enter the market and transform the commerce experience.


A prepaid pioneer in a land of innovation

InComm Payments first established its presence in Japan in 2008, and for over a decade we have remained on the country’s leading edge of payments. On top of delivering an expansive prepaid program, we also offer services like mobile barcode payments and data processing.

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South Korea

Valuable opportunities in a thriving market

South Korea has an established history of supporting a variety of payment methods and innovative financial businesses, making it a fertile territory for InComm Payments. We entered the South Korea market in 2013 by introducing point-of-sale activation technology through several of our global retail and product partners. Since then, InComm Payments Korea has created new market opportunities with prepaid products and promoted new business models in a market that thrives on innovation.


A pioneer in the Taiwanese prepaid industry

We first established a presence in Taiwan in 2011 and have been introducing the latest in prepaid and payment trends to the market ever since. Our local team of experts localize the most important global innovations for the consumers in Taiwan, continuously transforming the commerce experience.

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