Blockchains are the Building Blocks for Innovation

Get the fast facts

Date:Oct. 12, 2021

You probably first heard of blockchain as the innovative record-keeping technology behind the bitcoin craze. But did you know it has capabilities that transcend cryptocurrency – and that it’s poised to revolutionize business and commerce in unprecedented ways?  
Many forward-thinking companies are adopting blockchain to transform supply chains, payments, food distribution and more. It’s a technology definitely worth knowing about and our fast facts offer a concise overview of blockchain’s business applications and impact. 




Let us explain Blockchain


A blockchain is a shared, digital ledger used for recording transactions. Its name is derived from its composition: individual records are stored in blocks and linked together, forming a chain. Each transaction added to a blockchain is validated online by multiple parties, forming a peer-to-peer network.




This technology offers multiple business applications

  • Creates trust between businesses unfamiliar with each other, eliminating the need for an intermediary.
  • Forms a robust online accounting system that enables businesses to securely accept cryptocurrencies as payment.
  • Enables seamless sharing of data within a decentralized ecosystem where no single entity is exclusively in charge.
  • Generates an unalterable record of transactions with end-to-end encryption, blocking fraudulent activity.
  • Helps businesses lower costs by eliminating middlemen – vendors and third-party providers – that traditionally handle processing duties.





Learn your blockchain lingo



A copy of the digital ledger operated by a participant on the blockchain. 



Refers to a shared network of dispersed computers (or nodes) that can process transactions, independent of a third-party mediator.



The act of verifying transactions in a blockchain. 



A unique, identifying code that is given to a block once all of its transactions have been verified by the participants.

Smart Contract


This is a business rule-based code which processes the evaluation of data against the terms of the contract. When the terms are met, the smart contract triggers an action, like an ACH payment.




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