Giving Back in Bulk

How prepaid has helped streamline charity.

Date:Nov. 24, 2020

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Humans have a way of rising to the occasion when situations get difficult. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the entire world this year, stories of caring and compassion continue to persevere even as the uncertainty lingers. The act of giving has received a unique spotlight in 2020, and we’ve been inspired to see the many ways businesses and individuals have leveraged the InComm InCentives Shop as a resource for their charitable endeavors.


Prepaid cards are a nearly universal way to show appreciation or support; they’re available online and offline, in physical or digital form, with a wide, versatile range of options available. Those digital formats are especially well-suited for this time of social distancing, as these cards can be ordered, delivered and redeemed online, safely and securely. This means the cards can get into the hands of recipients faster, with no physical contact needed. And our IIS Shop is tailor-made for bulk orders, with an easy-to-use interface for bulk orders or innovative programs, streamlined processes for purchase and delivery, discounts on bulk orders, expert support and more. Our portfolio includes a wide selection of closed loop cards, which can be redeemed for a specific brand, as well as open loop cards, which can be used anywhere credit or debit cards are accepted. 



Here are just some of the ways our partners have used the IIS Shop to make a difference this year:




1. Showing Appreciation


When the majority of the United States went into lockdown in mid to late March, those workers in essential businesses and industries – still armed with relatively little knowledge about the virus – still headed to work in person every day. Like the general population, employers have found ways to demonstrate gratitude for employees whose functions and responsibilities meant they couldn’t operate remotely. For example, Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City distributed open loop gift cards to show thanks to its hospital staff working tirelessly on the front lines, totaling $1 million in cards. Gestures such as these have helped deliver tangible gratitude to the workers keeping essential businesses operating during the evolving pandemic situation.




2. Providing Support


Back behind the front lines, many Americans have felt the sudden economic impact of the ongoing containment measures. With millions unable to work through no fault of their own, we’ve seen efforts from the government, companies, and individuals to bring financial relief to those struggling with such an unexpected loss of income. The entertainment industry in particular has suffered from shutdowns and social distancing, with large public gatherings being widely banned and/or restricted. Many celebrities have taken it upon themselves to give back to those whose efforts had helped them connect with their fans at lives shows and performances. Pop singer Ariana Grande, for one, used open loop cards to support former employees who were laid off as the pandemic halted tours and events. Meanwhile, NBA star Kevin Love  worked with the non-profit Entertainment Industry Foundation to purchase open loop gift cards for out-of-work hourly arena workers in Cleveland. These two are among a growing list of celebrities attempting to help out the behind-the-scenes workers who make live events appear so seamless.




3. Incentivizing Employees


In lieu of an annual trip or event designed to reward efforts and boost morale, employers are looking to alternative ways to provide engaging incentives. In one case, a major pharmacy retailer took the initiative to purchase open loop gift cards for employees at one of its healthcare providers in place of its President’s Club trip. Earlier in the pandemic, a major telecommunications provider launched a rewards program delivering closed loop digital gift cards redeemable at a variety of fast-serve restaurants as an incentive to field technicians. Whether weekly, monthly, or yearly, employers are having to re-think strategies for heightening engagement in a socially distant workplace.





From charitable works and helping hands to corporate rewards, sales incentives and consumer promotions, gift cards are ideal for orders big and small. Setting up an account at the IIS Shop is quick and easy, too, and once an account is created the account holder gets these great benefits:

  • Volume order discounts – save money by buying bulk.
  • Broad options across our robust portfolio, including market leaders in general purpose cards (which can be redeemed anywhere credit/debit cards are accepted) and an extensive selection of top brands.
  • Comprehensive management, with a dedicated account manager and real-time reporting and customer service toolsets.

Whatever your purpose, our focus is on giving our partners the tools to reward, incentivize, engage and show thanks to all the important people who keep your business going. Set up an account or contact us for more info.


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