Introducing Dental and Vision Benefits

Helping keep members happy and healthy with new benefits programs.

Date:Aug. 28, 2020

Are your health plan members happy with their dental and vision benefits?


We all know that even a routine visit to the dentist or eye doctor (complete with mentally prepping for all that necessary poking and prodding) can be time-consuming enough on its own, not to mention the additional time and mental energy spent searching for an in-network provider. And most people don’t realize that their health plan's efforts behind the scenes are even more involved. All in all, this important care gets neglected more often than it should.


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According to the latest statistics available from the CDC, under two-thirds of U.S. adults made a visit to the dentist in the past year. With regular cleanings important for preventing bigger issues, this can cost people a lot of money (and cause a lot of pain) down the line.


Eye appointments are another preventive care step that too often gets skipped. Approximately 61 million American adults are at high risk for vision loss, and only half of them visited an eye doctor in the past year. Senior citizens in particular should schedule an exam every year or two, especially considering that early detection and treatment can prevent more serious issues such as cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration and glaucoma.


Of course, administering dental and vision programs can be costly for plans. There are claims to process, services to consider, and networks to manage all things that require additional time and resources when adding to existing plans. Fortunately, the OTC Network has an easy dental and vision benefits alternative for Medicare Advantage health plans.


Our new Dental and Vision Services programs allow Medicare Advantage health plans to add restricted-spend dental and vision funds to their programs without the complicated logistics. Through the OTC Network, plans provide dental benefits and vision benefits funds (either separately or both!) directly to their members’ plans. By delineating specific funds, plans give members the option to choose their providers/services and spend at their discretion.


For members, this means the opportunity to shop around for the best provider match or best price for dental and/or vision exams and procedures. Once they’ve chosen their provider, members won’t have to worry about aligning with networks or uncertainty regarding coverages instead, they can simply check their balance and pay directly for services with the earmarked funds.


For Medicare plans looking to keep members engaged and satisfied while encouraging proactive steps in individual healthcare, Dental and Vision Service programs through the OTC Network are as painless as it gets.

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