InComm Japan to Become Alipay Payment Processing Partner

InComm's payment processing technology to reach over 1 billion active users

September 27, 2018

Tokyo – InComm Japan, a subsidiary of InComm, today announced it will become a payment processing partner for Alipay (支付宝). With this agreement, InComm adds Alipay to the services it offers to merchants. InComm plans to further expand its payment processing portfolio both domestically and overseas.

“Bringing Alipay into our processing network is an exciting milestone for InComm Japan,” said Takumaro Arai, Vice President and General Manager, InComm Japan. “By signing this contract, InComm is bringing its payment capabilities to the forefront in Japan, adding even more value to its partners. With this huge step, we will be able to connect people, companies and networks more effectively than ever before.”

The platform that InComm Japan provides includes tools that can manage system specifications and data transmissions as well as a call center, and these tools can be shared across other payment systems. As such, not only can InComm easily manage various payment services at once, it can also easily add another mobile barcode payment system to a merchant that is already using InComm’s payment processing services. Furthermore, InComm’s system can automatically determine which payment provider to route to. Merchants can settle with the payment company without having to choose the payment provider at the register and instead can simply scan the barcode shown to them by the consumer.

Alipay has over 520 million active users within China and provides offline payment services to Chinese consumers to buy from overseas merchants in over 40 countries and regions.

Alipay is powered by Ant Financial Services Group and is one of the largest mobile and online payment platforms in the world. InComm Japan currently handles other major mobile payment providers including WeChat Pay, LINE Pay and d-Barai, with the total reaching over 1 billion active users.






About InComm Japan

InComm Japan is a subsidiary of the world's largest POSA card distribution company headquartered in Atlanta, USA. InComm Japan holds several patents on POSA card technology and is a major player in connecting POS register systems for card activations at over 60,000 stores in Japan, such as convenience stores, drug stores, major home electronics stores, super markets and discount stores.


Starting January, 2017, leveraging system assets with point-of-sale know-how, InComm Japan entered the mobile barcode acquiring business.




About InComm

By building more value into every transaction through innovative payment technologies, InComm creates seamless and valuable commerce experiences. InComm’s unique products and services – which range from gift card malls to enhanced payment platforms – connect companies across a wide range of industries including retail, healthcare, tolling & transit, incentives and financial services to an ever-expanding consumer base. With more than 25 years of experience, over 500,000 points of distribution, 366 global patents and a presence in more than 30 countries, InComm leads the prepaid and payments industry from its headquarters in Atlanta, Ga. Learn more at


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