Press Release: InComm Healthcare Partners with MDHearing

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Press Release: Exclusive U.K. Distributor of Pandora Corporate Gift Cards

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End-to-End Physical Digital Engaging Interactive Haptic B2B B2C Gift Card Capabilities

Our technology puts digital and physical gift cards in the hands of consumers seamlessly and securely. We offer end-to-end support and fulfillment with a configurable platform dedicated to an immersive experience.

Gift Card Processing

Between dynamic digital gift card delivery and uniquely packaged physical cards, our innovative processing solutions keep the customer experience at the forefront while ensuring convenience and security throughout fulfillment. 

Our Platform

Our feature-rich B2B platform is the easiest way to manage your loyalty, rewards and incentives programs. 

Adaptable B2C solution

Third-party digital gift card malls, white label and fully hosted, that enhance your customers’ e-commerce experience. 

Engaging delivery options:

Our robust portfolio includes SMS or email delivery with lively, interactive options and deeply customizable personalization.

Expanded Capabilities

We’re constantly expanding our capabilities and ensuring the e-commerce experience is easy, seamless and secure.

Best-in-class product management

Detailed reporting

Robust portfolio of e-commerce options

Minimal processing time

Real-time fraud/risk decision engine

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