Looking for your InComm Benefits or Zenda account?

Making benefits make sense

Introducing an AI-powered Visa® Debit Card and mobile app for automated and intuitive benefits


An easier way to HSA

  • Debit card linked to multiple accounts, eliminating payment declines at checkout
  • Finds qualified expenses you would miss on OTC products

  • No scanning, no photos, no saving receipts

Unlock tax savings

To maximize savings, take advantage of tax-free contributions to your HSA!
You don’t have to be the expert on qualified purchases—just swipe
your card, and we’ll automatically find what’s eligible. 

We’ve created a modern, new way to HSA—one that aligns with your everyday needs.

Automated Health Expense Detection
  • Card determines which purchases should be covered by the HSA automatically
  • Detects medical providers and over-the-counter products and charges your HSA
  • Remembers mileage for reimbursement
  • Automatically creates receipts. We take care of proof of purchase for IRS documentation.
  • Examples of covered medical expenses and over-the-counter products:

    • Doctor & dentist visits

    • Eye exams

    • Travel expenses

    • LASIK surgery

    • Birth control

    • Menstrual products

    • Sunscreen 30SPF+

    • Fiber gummies

    • Antacid medicines

    • Lip balm

    • and so many more!

One Card for All Your Expenses

Coupled with expense detection, the card automatically pulls health expenses from your HSA and non-healthcare purchases from your Everyday Account.

  • Our technology separates pre-tax and post-tax money.
  • Connect your personal bank account to the Everyday Account to cover non-healthcare-related expenses.
  • Your HSA benefits card intuitively pulls funds from the correct account. Just swipe at checkout!

We believe it’s our responsibility to understand IRS rules, not yours. Our expert tax-saving strategies are automated to save you money.

Spend Now, Contribute Later
  • No HSA funds available? No problem. Just swipe your card and pay with your Everyday account funds.

  • We auto-track healthcare expenses and remind you to contribute to your HSA.

  • The app automatically creates and saves receipts.

  • Reimburse yourself at any time.

Invest Tax-Free for the Future
  • It’s simple — set up funds to automatically be invested each month

  • Save until retirement when costs are higher, or take money out sooner tax-free using our automated expense tracking.

  • It’s easy to get started:
    • No minimum balance required
    • Simple investing from a list of mutual funds
    • Brokerage option for advanced investors
Investment products are not insured by Coastal Community Bank, the FDIC, or any Federal Government Agency and may lose value.

What to expect after enrollment:


Watch for your debit card in the mail

While you wait, your account and digital cards are ready to use.

Health care savings account card. InComm Benefits' Health Savings Account (HSA) card is a smart, AI-powered Visa® debit card.
InComm Benefits mobile app welcome screen


Complete Account Setup

  • You’ll receive an invite to complete your HSA account setup in your work email.
    Keep an eye on your inbox, and check your spam folder if the email is missing.
  • This welcome email will contain instructions for setting up your account.
  • Finish setup by activating your physical card in the app and linking your Everyday account.


Start using your debit card and app

  • Swipe or insert your card at checkout
  • Check account balances
  • Connect your bank account for fast reimbursement
  • Open and manage investment account(s)
Health care savings account app screenshot. InComm Benefits' Health Savings Account (HSA) app allows management of multiple accounts on one app.
line art icon of a laptop screen and checkmark


Customer Support Team

While we work hard to deliver solutions that virtually eliminate the need for you to contact us, if you do need to reach us, we can help with troubleshooting app features, answer card questions, and provide support with transactions and accounts.

For immediate assistance, you can reference our handy list of FAQs.

Have Questions?
Our Customer Service Team is happy to help with questions on your InComm HSA account. Contact us via the mobile app, call
855-936-3248, or email support@getzenda.com.

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    Banking services are provided by Coastal Community Bank, member FDIC. The InComm HSA benefits card is issued by Coastal Community Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. InComm spending accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC. Privacy notice for Coastal Community Bank can be found here.

    Investment products are not insured by Coastal Community Bank, the FDIC, or any Federal Government Agency and may lose value.