Helping Consumers Cash In Cash Out Keep Playing With Ease

InComm Payments provides lottery solutions that pave the way for a smoother, more satisfactory connection between players, state lotteries and retailers. Our technology and product suite help keep the experience seamless at the point-of-sale – and drive more revenue to the public benefits supported by lotteries.

The Lottery Gateway

Our extensive portfolio of rewards offerings is sure to have something for everyone. Manage your program to your specifications while giving your recipients control to choose their rewards and execute their redemptions.


Scratch to reveal pre-printed Quick Pick numbers for Mega Millions and Powerball draw games. Quick Pick numbers are entered into the next available draw immediately after purchase.

Lottery Card™

Purchase multiple Mega Millions and Powerball plays on a reloadable card. Text to play, receive draw updates and win notifications. Winners get paid electronically.


Ask to purchase Powerball or Mega Millions at checkout and be automatically entered in the next drawing; numbers will be printed directly on the receipt.

Lottery Branded Gift Card

InComm Payments' closed-loop solution allows branded gift cards to be displayed throughout stores, for purchase as a gift or individual play. Once a card is activated, it can be used to purchase lottery products or fund an iLottery account.

Everyone Benefits from the Lottery

Since the first U.S. state lottery was founded in 1964, lotteries have raised more than $500 billion for government programs in North America.

North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries (NASPL)

Lotteries help fund public programs ranging from education and environmental to healthcare and cultural sectors. Our solutions help support this growth by offering value to all key stakeholders:

Retail Partners

Streamline operations, reduce revenue and keep customers satisfied with convenient access to existing and new and exciting lottery products.

  • Engage infrequent players and new players through enhanced convenience and user experience.
  • Simplify sales and operations through pre-existing integrations and end-to-end program support.
  • Introduce new product categories, enticing to existing and new lottery players.


State Lotteries

Deliver new products, expand reach and increase revenue opportunities by attracting new players.

  • Increase distribution with access to our expansive network of retailer relocations.
  • Drive incremental sales through new store footprints and alignment with the gifting industry.
  • Diversify the player base by appealing to the modern, tech-savvy consumer.
  • Widen brand exposure with unprecedented access to in-store placement and easy-to-use products.


Enhance the user experience and simplify gameplay with attractive features that drive satisfaction.

  • Reach casual and consistent players with a variety of new and improved products
  • Fast, convenient gameplay and redemption.
  • Access and account funding for cash-preferred consumers.

Consumer Best Practices

InComm Payments brings three decades of knowledge and experience in the retail space to the lottery ecosystem. Best practices regarding in-lane signage, product placement, and gifting strategies will help maximize the value of each of our partners’ lottery programs.


We have successful working relationships with the most respected names in lottery. Working together with these partners, we ensure that every integration is seamless and transactions are secure.

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Sports Betting

Sports betting is a big-time emerging market. As online daily fantasy and sports betting vendors expand and legalization moves forward state by state, we can help address consumer challenges and broaden accessibility and awareness for gaming providers.

Account Loading

Easy account loading with our general-purpose reloadable card solutions and VanillaDirect Pay cash digitization options ensures consumers can get their money into their accounts and start playing right away.

Gift Cards

Gift cards can expand brand awareness, creating thoughtful gifts for existing players and enticing new ones at retail while also providing a simple account-loading solution.

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