Reporting Ethics Concerns

The InComm Payments Ethics and Compliance Hotline is provided to staff, customers, vendors, and the public for the anonymous reporting of unethical or non-compliant behavior. The hotline is administered by an independent third-party company, AllVoices, to ensure the privacy of those filing complaints. Live operators are available via phone 24/7/365 by calling 844.201.6664. You can also file complaints online by visiting

The AllVoices system allows for completely anonymous two-way communication if you so desire. No tracing or call recording technology is utilized. After submitting complaints, individuals will receive unique Report IDs and passcodes, so they can follow-up, provide additional details (if desired), or obtain a response.

Note: If you are a cardholder wanting to report card fraud or card usage issues, this platform cannot assist you and will not respond. You must use the options above under customer service.