Disaster Preparation and Relief with Restricted Spend
February 15, 2023

Did you know the Atlantic hurricane season generates an average of three major hurricanes each year, according to NOAA? Disasters can hit at any given time, disrupting lives and communities. InComm Payments can help with preparation, relief and recovery through its restricted spend card. This card can be used to prepare for an imminent disaster by aiding in the purchase of canned food, water, or other critical supplies. Similarly, it can be a helpful tool for disaster relief efforts following hurricanes, earthquakes, fires or other catastrophic events.

How does restricted spend aid disaster preparation and relief? Our technology grants organizations the ability to load funds and choose what is and isn’t eligible for purchase – down to the SKU level. For examples, food banks can use restricted spend cards to distribute funds for healthy foods without worrying about storage, lack of donations, or misappropriation of resources. Individuals using the cards cannot spend the funds on alcohol, tobacco, or firearms or withdraw cash using the card. As a result, organizations can be rest assured their dollars are going towards approved items – including tens of millions of healthy foods and over-the-counter items, which can be purchased in-store or online.

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