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Keeping you and your customers satisfied with frictionless payment options and in-demand products and services. Welcome to our network of over 1,000 global partners.

Payment technology solutions

Empower Your Payments with a Single Integration

Our global payments technology solutions build connections to your customers wherever payments happen

Whatever the payment method, our technology supports a fast, convenient, secure way for customers to complete their transactions, leaving them satisfied – and keeping them coming back.

From cash and cards to code payments and cryptocurrencies, from gift cards to bill pay, healthcare, loyalty, tolling and transit and more, we’re always innovating to support our partners and their customers with the latest payment technology and solutions.

Our technology doesn’t just allow multiple payment types, from cash and cards to the latest mobile and code payment options. It also provides access to all of our products and services, opening the doors to new revenue flows and new ways to keep your customers satisfied.

Empowering Every Transaction

Wherever payments happen, we’re there – delivering innovative point-of-sale solutions through the power of a single integration. For over 1,000 global brand partners at over 525,000 points of retail distribution, our payments solutions seamlessly and securely handle more than $50 billion in annual transaction volume.

Reduce costs, increase foot traffic, and leave your customers satisfied with our secure single integration, setting you up for seamless transactions and access to our suite of in-demand products and services.

Always Innovating

We provide access to the latest in payments technology solutions, enabling alternative payment methods and delivering new products and services while staying a step ahead of tomorrow’s consumer trends.

Supported by our own in-house innovation hub, Go Studio, we’re continuously exploring emerging technologies that meet the needs of customers worldwide – in the payments space and beyond.

Optimizing Your Bottom Line

Safe, secure, seamless payment technology ensures however customers pay, you’re able to process their payment easily and efficiently, keeping your business doing what you do best. And enhancing your offerings with our in-demand products and services gives your customers more reasons to visit, spend and leave satisfied.

Our in-house innovation hub drives disruptive emerging tech solutions through spirited collaboration and exhaustive research.

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