InComm Payments Partners With doxo, Enabling Consumers to Pay Bills With Cash
August 26, 2021

Consumers pay nearly 1.9 billion bills per year with cash; partnership enables doxo users to make cash payments in popular retail locations across the country, including 7-Eleven®, Dollar General® and Family Dollar®

ATLANTA – InComm Payments, a leading payments technology company, and doxo, the largest bill pay directory in the nation, today announced an exciting new partnership that will enable doxo users to pay household bills with cash at more than 60,000 retail locations throughout the U.S. 

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta, a little more than 12% of bills, equating to nearly 1.9 billion of the 15.5 billion bills paid by US households each year, are paid using cash. Paying with cash is still a critical need for many consumers who regularly receive cash income or who don’t have bank accounts and need to cover household obligations. For doxo’s all-in-one bill pay service, adding cash payment to its portfolio of convenient payment options is key to providing consumers the flexibility and convenience needed to stay on top of household bills and improve financial health.

Through InComm Payments’ partnership with doxo, users will be able to pay bills using cash at more than 60,000 retail locations in the U.S. – including some of the most recognized retail chains across the country, such as Dollar General, Family Dollar and participating participating 7-Eleven® stores,  – leveraging InComm Payments’ VanillaDirectTM retailer network. The cash payment process is simple and uses the same standard, secure checkout doxo provides for all bills, only with the added option to select “Pay with Cash.” The system then provides a barcode via the doxo mobile app that users scan at the register of the nearest participating retail location to instantly pay billers in their doxo account with cash. Once a doxo customer makes the cash payment, doxo securely delivers payment to the biller – just the same as payments made with checking accounts, credit cards, debit cards, or Apple Pay.

“We’re excited to partner with doxo and leverage our companies’ combined capabilities to meet the needs and expectations of consumers,” said Tim Richardson, SVP of Business Development at InComm Payments. “Our cash payment network is perfectly aligned with doxo’s vision of empowering consumers to improve their financial lives, and in this instance providing their users with a simple and convenient experience for making cash payments to household billers in an extensive network of retail locations across the United States.”

Many U.S. households struggle to stay on top of bills, and the pandemic has made that even more challenging, especially for consumers that are unbanked, underbanked, or receive a portion of their income in cash. doxo’s core value has proven to be very timely — the app simplifies the task of staying on top of bills and helps improve financial health. 

“We’re on a mission to simplify and reduce the anxiety that comes along with managing and paying household bills so that our users feel empowered to improve their financial health,” said Roger Parks, doxo VP and co-founder. “Our rapid growth speaks to the demand for more bill payment capabilities and we are committed to providing the greatest flexibility possible to our users as they manage paying bills. The ability to pay with cash at more than 60,000 retail locations throughout the U.S. using InComm Payments’ technology is the perfect fit for our users and billers on our network.” 

By providing consumers with another way to pay their bills, this partnership also provides an additional benefit for billers on doxo’s network, specifically the cash-preferred customer. A little more than 13% of utility bills in the U.S. are paid using cash, amounting to $49.4 billion of the $380 billion spent per year on these types of bills. These cash payments require more office locations and processing costs than digital payments. doxo’s cash pay capability, leveraging InComm Payments’ nationwide retail network, now adds hundreds or thousands of cash-pay locations within the service territory of billers on doxo’s network, while still allowing the biller to receive the payment digitally. By simply joining doxo’s national payment network, billers can now add this capability as a benefit for their users, without having to manage the complexity, the integration or the expense themselves.

This feature will be available for doxo users in the coming months and will roll out to the approximately 60,000 participating retail locations in InComm Payments’ network. For more information on InComm Payments, visit For more information on doxo, visit


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