Wireless Payment Technology and Solutions for Small Business

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Offer more with innovative payment processing.

InComm Agent Solutions gives consumers yet another reason to come into your store – and helps you stand out from your competition. As the industry leader in efficient payment processing solutions, we offer bill payment options for an ever-expanding roster of service providers, utilities and wireless carriers.

Meet the needs of cash-preferred consumers across all key markets.

Our solutions are designed for those consumers who primarily use cash – approximately 30-50 million Americans. InComm Agent Solutions has the largest sales organization in the industry, allowing us to reach all key markets and distribution points.

Solutions for Agents and Retailers

Using a versatile payment platform, we help independent retailers turn their stores into wireless payment destinations. This innovative service enables the retailer to expand its business and gives agents a variety of ways to drive revenue, fees and commissions.

Digital Gift Cards: Do More with Mobile

Don’t miss out on the hottest trend in prepaid products. With our payment interface, retail partners can offer an enormous supply of digital gift cards right at the register. It’s as simple as processing a payment – the consumer then receives an email with their digital gift card, which they can gift through their email or spend on themselves, all in the palm of their hand.

Products for Independent Retail

We provide independent wireless retailers with the solutions they need to turn their stores into destinations for consumers who rely on their products for everyday life. Offer more with innovative payment processing.

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POS Bill Pay

By offering wireless bill payment at the point of sale, you can turn your store into a payment destination, attracting more consumers to your store and encouraging them to spend more money.

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In-Store Kiosks

Our automated kiosk payment solution makes it easy for consumers to pay their bills by accepting credit cards, debit cards, checks and cash in a variety of denominations.

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Digital Gift Cards

Using our payment interface, retailers can quickly offer consumers a broad assortment of digital gift cards in addition to wireless solutions.

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Our all-in-one solution enables bundling of handsets and airtime at the point-of-purchase, with three-tier pricing models to ensure your customers can get on the network right out of the box.

Cutting–Edge Payment Processing Technology

We work hand-in-hand with our retail partners to deliver a customized solution that meets all of their needs.

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Versatile Capabilities

Our platform can post nearly all payments instantaneously or within 24 hours and quickly deploy to non-InComm agents across the nation. It can also run concurrently at multiple sites, allowing for increased resiliency and reliability – and allowing for each agent to be implemented, operated and managed separately while still optimizing their processing abilities.

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Easily Compatible

Our software works with almost every current system, whether the connection is dial-up or broadband. We provide our partners with a complete application and interface that can be customized to the requirements of any retailer or provider.

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Extensive Reporting

On the back end of our platform is a sophisticated reporting engine that generates on-demand data, including transaction reports, comparative data and trends. All of our partners have access to a fully customizable report detailing their payment processing and sales activities – information they can use to further meet their consumers wants and needs.

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Our Powerful Platform

Our foundation is a payment processing platform that leverages an infinitely scalable server. This platform enables an ever-expanding roster of service providers to collect payments, including cash payments, through their retail partners.


We work with the top wireless providers in the industry to create products that help meet the needs of the modern wireless consumer. Our providers include:

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