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Healthcare supplemental benefit and incentive and reward solutions that help shape member behavior and build engagement.

As both your list of competitors and the cost of healthcare rise, you need innovative ways to stand out from other health plans and deliver your members added value and convenience.

Our suite of healthcare-focused products and payment technologies will allow you do that, leading to satisfied and engaged members.

We partner with a wide range of health plans, including Medicare, Medicaid and commercial plans, to create extra value for their members at the point of sale. Even if you have a diverse membership with varying needs, we have a method for you to incentivize their healthy and preventative behaviors.

Technology Solutions & Services

We continually support all of our healthcare products with best-in-class services and technology solutions.

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Healthcare Payments Platform

Our Healthcare Payments Platform enables retailers to adjudicate funds and discounts on eligible items based on SKU-level restricted spend rules.

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Eligible Product Catalogs

Enable your members to make a wide array of over-the-counter (OTC) health and wellness purchases based on the limitations you choose.



By enabling our discounts program, we can boost customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

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Restricted Spend

Our restricted spend technology limits what members can spend health plan funds on.

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