Innovative Lottery Solutions

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Supporting lotteries and the great things they do.

Lottery is big business that transfers billions of dollars to public beneficiaries across education, environment, healthcare, economic development, and cultural sectors annually.


To support the industry as a whole, InComm Payments focuses on the three key stakeholders. For our current and future retail partners, we can streamline operations and introduce revenue. For state lotteries, we can deliver new products, expand their retail network, and increase their opportunities to generate more revenue through new players to support the great things lotteries do for communities. For consumers, we’re focused on product variety, a great user experience and added convenience when buying games or redeeming prizes.

The InComm Payments Lottery Gateway

Through pre-existing integrations to our retailers, our point-of-sale activation (POSA) platform connects state lotteries to customers in retail. Through a convenient single integration to InComm Payments, state lotteries connect to hundreds of new and current lottery retailers as well as the millions of customers that visit their stores.

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Scratch to reveal pre-printed Quick Pick numbers for Mega Millions and Powerball draw games. Quick Pick numbers are entered into the next available draw immediately after purchase.

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Lottery Card™

Purchase multiple Mega Millions and Powerball plays on a reloadable card. Text to play, receive draw updates and win notifications. Winners get paid electronically.

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Ask to purchase Powerball or Mega Millions at checkout and be automatically entered in the next drawing; numbers will be printed directly on the receipt.

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Lottery Branded Gift Card

InComm Payments' closed-loop solution allows branded gift cards to be displayed throughout stores, for purchase as a gift or individual play. Once a card is activated, it can be used to purchase lottery products or fund an iLottery account.

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iLottery Account Funding (VanillaDirect)

InComm Payments' proprietary solution can be utilized for top-up of online lottery accounts, giving cash-preferred customers the option to play at their convenience by synching lottery play to their barcode-activated account.

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Traditional Instant

Individually activated physical scratch-off tickets. With activation at the point of sale and the retailer paying only for tickets sold, this solution eliminates shrink and allows the expansion of lottery products throughout the retail space.

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Digital Instant

Traditional games sold as mobile tickets or pre-loaded, mobile-activated smartcards, this solution allows customers to purchase tickets in-store for activation on their mobile devices.

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Prize Redemption

Innovative redemption opportunities at the point of sale, driving foot traffic while meeting customer convenience expectations. Solutions include cash payouts, open- or closed-loop (and store-branded) gift cards, retailer digital account funds, or loading winnings directly to the player’s lottery account.

Benefits for State Lotteries

Our innovative solutions transform the way lotteries sell and players play, generate new revenue opportunities, and provide new platforms for customer engagement.

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Increasing Distribution

Leverage InComm Payments' lottery gateway to connect to thousands of new retailer locations. InComm Payments' lottery solutions are bringing new retailers to lottery, providing state lotteries with an unprecedent opportunity to expand their reach.

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Driving Incremental Sales

Leveraging best practice merchandising across our retail partners’ store footprints allows for greater penetration and impressions of lottery to shoppers. Additionally, by aligning lottery with the gifting industry, state lotteries benefit from incremental sales of lottery for special occasions and holidays.

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Diversifying the Player Base

InComm Payments creates lottery solutions that address the needs of modern consumers, including consumer convenience, a great user experience and digital integration. Our solutions align with the changing needs of existing lottery players, but most importantly they appeal to the younger, tech-savvy, and digitally integrated consumer group desired by all state lotteries.

Unprecedented Brand Exposure

Unprecedented Brand Exposure

Through our retail network and product solutions, InComm Payments is able to merchandise lottery products prominently in more locations throughout more stores. Putting your lottery’s logo in front of multiple eyelines means multiple opportunities for customer exposure to your brand. Easy-to-purchase cards and solutions can help to effortlessly introduce new players and reinvigorate existing ones.

Benefits for Retailers

InComm Payments Lottery Solutions makes it easier for retailers to sell lottery and improve the purchasing experience for their customers.

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Increased Revenue & Profitability Opportunities

Our solutions are designed to engage with infrequent players and non-players by meeting their expectations of product convenience and user experience. Our goal is to secure a little play from a lot of these players while providing the traditional lottery player with a new way to play.

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Simplified Lottery Sales & Operations

Through pre-existing integrations, InComm Payments' retailers are able to sell lottery without any additional in-store hardware or intrusive integrations. As with our other products, InComm Payments handles all administration, servicing and reconciliation of the category, freeing up retailers’ time and resources.

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Introduce a New Product Category

For retailers not currently offering lottery, our solutions present a new product category that requires minimal effort and integrates easily into existing spaces. Become a destination for lottery players and provide a new casual purchase for your regular shoppers by offering exciting modern lottery play.


We have successful working relationships with the most respected names in lottery. Working together with these partners, we ensure that every integration is seamless and transactions are secure.

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Consumer Best Practices

In addition to our gateway solutions, we have the knowledge and experience to help our retail partners get the most out of their lottery products.

In-Lane Signage

In-Lane Signage

Brightly display current jackpots in-lane, spurring impulse buys, product awareness and brand recognition.

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Product Placement

Lottery availability throughout the store, including gift card racks, checkout lanes, temporary/seasonal displays, and poster stands in addition to traditional kiosk and money center locations.

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Enhance sales with lottery gift cards, presenting lottery as an option for the annual holiday and event gift card sales spikes, in addition to drawing eyes to gift card racks during lottery’s three to five annual major jackpots.


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