Alternative Payment Partners

We help companies of all kinds by connecting them with consumers and creating more value out of every transaction using our industry-leading technology and global payment network

Open your brand up to our expansive retail network

Our alternative payment rails seamlessly integrate real-time and offline payments at the point-of-sale using our proprietary APIs.

The InComm Payments Difference

Our Scan to Pay barcodes are ubiquitous and configurable; they can be unique or dynamic with flexible expiry and refresh requirements based on partner needs. Your customers, wherever they are, can rely on secure, seamless payment and account loading options at the neighborhood retailers they regularly frequent. Learn More

Enhanced Payments Platform

Embrace more opportunities for growth and drive your revenue when you engage with payment technology that lowers the overall cost of payment acceptance, enhances the security of cardholder data, shortens deployment times and increases infrastructure flexibility. Learn More

Digital Currency

We enable your customers to pay in-store and online using their digital currency wallets or payment apps, keeping retailers and payment providers connected in the fast-moving digital currency ecosystem. Learn more

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