Know Your Physical / Digital Gift Card Shopper
June 23, 2022

Our research reveals gift card shopper profiles

What’s the latest with gift card shoppers? Depending on the type and format, gift card shoppers often have specific needs and plans – and the right retail experience can keep them satisfied and ready to come back next time.

InComm Payments conducts quarterly consumer research to best understand gift card shoppers – and support our partners with the freshest data. Keep reading to learn from our latest consumer profiles.

The Physical Gift Card Shopper


Consumers looking for physical gift cards are most often women, most often married, and the majority are Millennials – with Baby Boomers coming in second.

The Digital Gift Card Shopper


Digital gift card shoppers are more likely to be male and more likely to have kids at home. Like physical gift card shoppers, the majority are Millennials, but among other generations they’re more often Gen Xers than Baby Boomers.

Across the board, gift card shoppers are making regular purchases, and they’re planning them in advance. Which means the right product mix, accessibility and convenience can help turn your store into a repeat destination for gift card shoppers. That’s why InComm Payments uses our research, experience and constant innovative spirit to ensure we’re maximizing the potential of our partners’ gift card programs.

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