5 Ways to Maximize Your HSA
March 13, 2024

1. The more that employees contribute to HSAs, the more taxes they save.

HSAs are one of the most tax-advantaged accounts, and the money is theirs forever.
  • Immediate tax-exempt contributions.
  • Federal tax-free investment earnings and dividends.
  • Eligible health expenses are tax-exempt.

2. HSAs have more tax advantages than 401ks.

Withdrawals for health expenses are tax-free, whether they occur before or after 65.
  • HSA contributions are exempt from payroll taxes. 401ks are subject to Social Security and Medicare taxes.
  • Withdrawals from HSAs are much more flexible than 401ks while still retaining tax advantages, regardless of age.

3. HSA eligible items are being overlooked.

HSAs cover a variety of expenses that are underutilized:
  • Over 150K Over-The-Counter (OTC) products like pain relievers, feminine hygiene, contact solution, etc.
  • Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care, and Orthodontists.
  • Transportation expenses to/from the doctor and store.

4. Saving is possible even with a $0 HSA balance.

Even with an empty HSA, employees can monitor expenses and contribute funds later to cover previous costs.
  • The IRS requires HSA accounts be open before the expense, not funded.
  • Monitoring health-related costs and making contributions afterward is legitimate and a financial advantage. InComm’s HSA makes this easy, with automatic tracking for linked accounts.

5. Is your HSA provider making it simple to utilize for employees?

  • Are they automating expenses and tracking receipts?
  • Can they auto-identify expenses like travel and OTC items?
  • Do they help employees save on taxes even with a $0 balance?
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Maximizing Tax Savings with HSAs

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