Move IT Duties Off Your To-Do List
September 27, 2023

Entrusting a proven partner with your payment technology is a smart business decision.

Of all the challenges a merchant faces, the toughest might be maintaining focus on its core business. Myriad day-to-day operational duties can pile up, diverting valuable attention away from the corporate mission while jeopardizing its ability to innovate and be competitive.

Information Technology (IT) tasks can often be a significant drain on a company’s resources. Technology is constantly changing from year to year (sometimes month to month) and is difficult to manage effectively. This is especially true with payments technology, where rapid advancements are transforming the way consumers pay and adding complexities to the ways merchants can process those payments. It takes a lot of time, effort and capital to stay on top of technology upkeep, including performing system integrations, upgrades and instituting cybersecurity protocols, as well as training and retaining skilled employees to run it all.

Companies looking for ways to sharpen their competitive edge should strongly consider delegating their complex IT operations to an experienced and proven FinTech partner. Consider this: such IT professionals are highly trained in areas such as payment networks, omnichannel platforms and cybersecurity, making them invaluable assets. With access to the latest tools and resources, an external IT partner can bring innumerable innovations to a merchant. The IT partner also invests in technology and employee training which can be spread across many clients, resulting in lower costs for the merchant.

As merchants seek to reduce their technology debt, InComm Payments offers industry-leading solutions that deserve attention. For more than 30 years, we have helped manage and expand merchant partners’ payments capabilities, minimizing their IT duties and doing it all cost-effectively. With InComm Payments, merchants will partner with a world-class team of experts who listen to their needs and challenges and will drive product solutions through collaboration and communication.

InComm Payments delivers one of the industry’s most powerful, flexible and secure platforms, enabling merchants to offer their customers a robust omnichannel payment experience. We can easily integrate e-commerce, mobile and in-store systems while linking that data with new and existing processors and third-party service providers. We deploy new payments and functionality for merchants at lightning speed, too. The platform even enables flexible, future-ready scaling – everything from new payment types to new value-added vendor services. While greatly expanding their payments capabilities, merchants are more than grateful to cede all the transaction complexities to InComm Payments to handle.

In a business climate that gets more competitive every quarter, merchants need every advantage to thrive. Partnering with a payment processing expert is a great way to free up valuable time and resources – and get back to the activities that generate revenue.

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