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Keeping Your Prepaid Program Running At Peak Performance With Expert Analysis At Optimal Levels With Strategic Planning With Long-Term Success While Engaging Customers With Fraud Protection

A lot goes in to running a gift card program. That’s why we’re here to help you build and manage an engaging program, from prepaid centers and product selection to the placement, promotions and strategy that drive long-term success.

Take The Guesswork Out Of Gift Cards

Our expert teams provide our partners with end-to-end consultation to ensure incremental sales and optimize revenue. Backed by our decades of experience and continuous dedicated research and innovation, you’ll have all the support, information and tools you need to turn your gift card program into a prepaid consumer destination.


  • Comprehensive, tailored annual marketing and promotion plans
  • Best-in-class value-add programs
  • Top brand partners in the industry


  • Dedicated category analytics and insights
  • Analysis broken down to store- and peg-level
  • Quantitative and qualitative data and customer initiatives

Category Management

  • Identify and take advantage of market opportunities
  • Latest planogram technology and techniques
  • Strategies tailored to your specific needs and goals


  • Dedicated merchandising professionals; over 95,000 store visits annually
  • Consistent delivery and execution
  • Maintain product stock, keep planograms set and displays up to date

Merchant Display

  • Award-winning, eye-catching product displays
  • Extensive display portfolio
  • Custom displays fit in any floor space
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Best-in-Class Fraud Protection

We provide 24/7/365 fraud monitoring and consult with you to fine-tune your fraud prevention strategies down to the terminal level. Our experts stay ahead of the latest fraudster strategies, and we simulate fraudulent events in our Fraud Lab to anticipate and prepare for each new tactic.

When fraud occurs, it can impact your customer experience and threaten your reputation. That’s why we’re so dedicated to protecting your product and customers against all forms of fraud.

By consulting, customizing and monitoring your fraud protection, we save you time, money and productivity. Let us combat fraud while you focus on your business.

Add Value with Unique Promotions

InComm Promotions Platform (IPP) digitizes and delivers unique value-add offers through a customizable digital code. Customers can redeem the code at their convenience after making the qualified purchase.

Create buzz around a product or event while gathering marketing information, all with a modern mobile-centric customer experience.

  • Added Value (e.g., bonus $5 to gift card value)
  • In-Game Content (e.g., DLC, costumes/skins, etc.)
  • Sweepstakes Prizes
  • Cross-Promotions (i.e., Buy X + Y to qualify)

Marketing Promotions Made Easy

Launch your campaign through external media or in-store POP, and allow convenient customer redemption on a branded microsite tailored to your campaign.

Increase Awareness

Customer finds offer through awareness campaign


Customer visits embedded or branded microsite, enters required information


Customer buys participating product in store


If the product qualifies, customer receives bonus code on next page and is emailed a copy

Setting up for Success

We create more than 55,000 custom and permanent displays and gift card holders and 500,000 seasonal displays annually while consulting on the right product mix to help our partners reach their revenue goals.

Contact us today to learn more.

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