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We handle the ins and outs. Your program reaps the benefits.

Award-Winning Packaging and Design

Our innovative in-house teams of designers and production artists collaborate to deliver best-in-class packaging treatments and designs:

The Life of a Card

From start to finish, we know how to manage the gift card lifecycle. You can rely on our proven expertise and commitment to guide your program every step of the way, with the award-winning designs and packaging, reliable production, brand selection and well-managed inventory to keep your customers excited by the gift card experience. While managing 850 million cards annually across more than 30 countries, we never forget that each card matters to someone at the end of the day.

From the cards themselves to the packaging that makes their gift shine, we design, produce and deliver branded, seasonal, occasion-based and just plain eye-catching designs that turn your gift card mall into the perfect gifting destination.

Permanent or Temporary Retail Displays

Our permanent or temporary retail displays can be seasonal, situational, or just all-around fun and inviting. Whether customers are coming in search of gift cards or on the brink of an impulse purchase, our displays can help draw eyes and boost sales.

Rethinking Returns

InComm Product Control (IPC) is innovating to improve the returns process.

By tracking items rather than customer data, our technology ensures accuracy, reducing invalid and fraudulent returns.

  • Product tracking technology captures a product’s unique fingerprint through your point of sale and other channel touchpoints.
  • Transaction history is recorded to our secure database for simple and seamless lifecycle tracking.
  • Information is stored for future queries and services.

Our return validation service creates a smooth experience at the returns counter by validating return attempts systematically and on-demand to reduce fraudulent, out-of-policy and cross-retailer returns. This service does not require a receipt, limits employee training and mitigates loss.

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