InComm Promotions Platform

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Add Value with Digital Promotions

Brands want to provide value to customers in order to drive sales. Customers want the best bang for their buck. Combining both is ideal, but discounting isn’t always the best option.

Digitize and Deliver

With value-added offers delivered through a digital code, the possibilities are endless. Any offer that can be represented as a digital code can be customized to deliver your preferred promotional value. Customers can then redeem the code at their convenience after making the qualified purchase. Using our tools, partners have launched hundreds of campaigns across the globe – achieving an average sales lift in excess of 80 percent!

Offer Examples

Create buzz around the product or event while gathering marketing information, all with unique mobile-centric experience that drives customer engagement.

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Additional Value

(e.g., get $5 more on your gift card)

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In-game Content

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Sweepstakes Prizes

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Cross Promotion

Creating and Marketing Promotions Made Easy

Launch campaigns through external media or in-store POP, and allow customers to redeem at their convenience on a branded microsite tailored to your campaign. Provide customers with additional value, drive sales, and deliver an engaging mobile–centric experience with IPP!

1. Increase Awareness

1. Increase Awareness

Customer finds offer through awareness campaign

2. Purchase

2. Purchase

Customer buys participating product in store

3. Visit

3. Visit

Customer visits embedded or branded microsite, enters required information

4. Redeem

4. Redeem

If the product qualifies, customer receives bonus code on next page and is emailed a copy

Start planning your promotion today.