Returns Management

Next generation technology that helps you sell more and lose less.

Selling your products is only half of the equation. Protecting your products against unwarranted returns and fraud is an equally important step that can help make or break your bottom line. Our state-of-the-art product tracking technology integrates with your point-of-sale to systematically track sales and validate returns according to your policy.

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Track products, not people.

With an overall prevented return rate of 11 percent, we help transform returns into revenue. We provide our partners with industry-leading services that track the complete lifecycle of a product through a unique fingerprint rather than customer data. Our anonymous product tracking fuels our database and feeds real-time information, empowering you to make smart and timely decisions at the returns counter to enhance your customer experience.

Core Technology

Our innovative services are built on two core technologies:

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Product Tracking

Our product tracking technology captures a product’s unique fingerprint through your point of sale and other channel touchpoints and records the transaction history to our secure database for simple and seamless lifecycle tracking. This information is stored for future queries and services.

Return Validation

Return Validation

Our return validation service creates a smooth experience at the returns counter by validating return attempts systematically and on demand to reduce fraudulent, out-of-policy and cross-retailer returns. This service does not require a receipt, limits employee training and mitigates loss.


Returns Matter

The returns process shapes the consumer experience – from before the buying moment to long-lasting impressions. Our product tracking and validation solutions combat fraud without inconveniencing customers. Is your returns process making the grade? For more information, see our Consumer Pulse: Returns.


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Enhanced Services

Each of our enhanced services, which can be added to our core technology, fine tunes business operations and the customer experience, allowing retailers and manufacturers to further streamline their processes for tracking and returns management.

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Product Tracking Logistics

With Product Tracking Logistics, shipping records are transmitted to our database to start tracking at their origin prior to distribution.

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Business Intelligence

Our Business Intelligence services supply users with a configurable dashboard that provides insight into product sales, consumer behavior and return patterns.

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Dynamic Transaction Data

Our Dynamic Transaction Data simply aligns and links daily sales and returns data for every product, at every store, at the serial number level, making interpreting the data easy.

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Call Brief

Our Call Brief services give call center agents real-time access to product records via a secure interface, allowing them to make customer calls more effective and profitable without requiring a proof of purchase.

RTV Agent

RTV Agent

With our RTV Agent, retailers, manufacturers and their authorized return centers have a seamless solution for return-to-vender eligibility based on contractually maintained terms and conditions.

Promotion Focus

Promotion Focus

Using our Promotion Focus service, you can determine the impact and success of each unique promotion by tracking them at the unique item level with greater precision.

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BLock (Benefit Denial)

BLock (Bios Lock) uses software at the factory to digitally lock products at production and requires an activation code post sale.

Record of Receipt

Record of Receipt

Our Record of Receipt service helps reduce shrink by enabling retailers to scan and record items into a detailed database of new inventory as they are received.

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Active Recovery Network

Our Active Recovery Network is made up of participating retailers, manufacturers and more than 5,000 law enforcement agencies who collaborate to recover stolen property and help resolve cases.


Wide Spectrum for Protection

Our product tracking technology can be applied to a variety of products, from vacuums to video games, baby monitors to car batteries, tablets to televisions. Your product insight is our priority, and with an average 8 to 1 average return on investment on boarded products under $75, it's hard to argue with success.


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