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By continuing to invest time, talent and capital into our foundation, we ensure that our technology remains on the leading edge of the industry – empowering us to continually spark our partners’ growth through greater choice, reduced costs and IT burden, and a single integration to InComm Payments.


As leaders in the financial technology industry, InComm Payments' solutions are poised to meet evolving consumer demands through touch free QR and barcode payments, cash-in technology, omnichannel capabilities and disbursement – all while benefiting our partners’ bottom lines. Open your payments capabilities to millions of consumers with InComm Payments.



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Alternative Payments

We enable the latest payment options, easily implemented with existing systems to give consumers access to their payment processor of choice.


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Enhanced Payments

Connect disparate systems, securely accept multiple digital payment options, reduce your IT burden, and be sure to meet consumers in the buying moment – wherever and whenever it may be.


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Facilitate cash digitization and bill pay with solutions that keep cash-preferred consumers up-to-speed in the digital economy.


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Disbursements and Settlement Services

Our robust and highly configurable check replacement solutions help manage complex settlement and funding needs.


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Restricted-Spend Technology

Our widely applicable, purpose-built platform enables restricted-spending programs that limit purchases to approved items or item categories.


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Gift Card Capabilities

Our configurable platform puts digital and physical gift cards in the hands of consumers seamlessly and securely.


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Digital Currencies

Connect to the fast-moving digital currency ecosystem by enabling your customers to pay using their digital currency wallets or payment apps.


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Data Security is in our DNA

Secure sensitive customer data and reduce your PC scope with our comprehensive tokenization and vaulting solutions. Ensure cardholder account security through our comprehensive encryption options including end-to-end or PCI-validated point-to-point encryption, keeping your data safe – and keeping your brand out of the headlines for all the wrong reasons.

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We implement solutions using end-to-end encryption (E2EE), point-to-point encryption (P2PE), or Validated P2PE to keep cardholder accounts secure and keep your data safe.

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Our comprehensive tokenization and vaulting solutions secure your sensitive customer data while reducing your PCI scope.

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Data Centers

We have two state-of-the-art data centers ensuring highly sensitive financial information is processed safely and securely through the most advanced technology available with the highest level of protection.

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InComm Payments is a Participating Organization with the PCI Security Standards Council

Our Foundation

Our products and services are built on a foundation of innovative technologies and adhere to the most advanced protocols to ensure they continue to help you grow your business. 

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Our point-of-sale activation technology is the foundation of the prepaid industry.

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Global Patents

We hold more than 380 global patents, allowing us to offer unique and innovative products and services.

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PCI Compliance

Our technology is PCI compliant, ensuring all personal information is stored securely.

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Healthcare Payments Platform

Our healthcare payments platform enables discounts based on SKU-level restricted spend rules.

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