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Enhance Your Point of Sale


Adding Scan to Pay to your point-of-sale system is fast, easy and convenient. And it’s the best way to expand your payment options, keeping customers satisfied with a seamless checkout experience however they choose to pay.

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Offer all new payment options at your point of sale with limited IT lift. Beyond mobile wallets, your integration grants access to all that InComm Payments offers.

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Be ready to efficiently process any form of payment, keeping customers moving and ensuring they're satisfied with the experience.



The InComm Payments Difference



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Our team has 25+ years of experience delivering frictionless in-store journeys. We're here to introduce the payment types your consumers desire while reducing complexity and driving awareness in-store and online.

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Our technology provides real-time digital payments using InComm Payments' proprietary APIs. Our standardized transaction messaging makes it easy for you to accept new and existing payment methods via a single integration.


• Cloud credentials     • Online and Offline Payments     

• Support P2P & E2E Encryption     • Data Encryption & Transaction     • Transport Layer Security (TLS)




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Our payment solutions and accompanied marketing campaigns drive increased spend in your stores, simplify the buying process and keep your customers happy. 


•  QR code payments     •  Market basket SKU adjudication     

•  In-store, in-app, and e-commerce payments    

•  Digital offers, loyalty and incentives and more!





Seamless Integration With Your Loyalty Program


Using customer data, you can enhance your loyalty program and create a modern shopping experience that delivers the exclusive offers, cross-promotions and loyalty rewards that get customers excited to keep coming back.

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  • Increased personalization to heighten the in-store experience.
  • Enhanced engagement with deals tailored to customers' interests.
  • Automatically deliver offers directly to customers' mobile devices.
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  • Combine product offers for unique deals (movie and popcorn, gaming card and soda).
  • Simplify the couponing process with digital offers.
  • Endless possibilities for engaging tie-ins and tailored promotions.

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