Payment technology with savings, security and flexibility.


Realize positive impact when you engage with payment technology that lowers the overall cost of payment acceptance, enhances the security of cardholder data, shortens deployment times and increases your infrastructure flexibility.


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Reduce IT Burden

We help reduce and simplify connections, dramatically easing the burden on your IT department.


Consistency Across Channels

Whether in-store, online or in an app, customers want a straightforward, convenient and simple checkout experience – including the ability to start the buying experience on one channel but finish it on another. Our solutions ensure a connection in the buying moment, wherever the customer may be.


Future-Proof Payments

Our solutions ensure you're able to deploy new payment offerings, such as QR- and barcode-based payments, quickly and effectively – keeping you current with consumer demands.

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Enhanced Security

Whether you need to remove sensitive customer data from your systems using tokenization or you're searching for a cost-effective point-to-point encryption solution, we'll help you reduce the impact of a data breach and the associated costs.


Simplified Payments Infrastructure

One simple connection to InComm Payments eliminates the need for multiple connection points and specifications. We can help drive lower costs, consolidate operations and provider easier enhancement paths.


Reduced Costs

Reduced payment acceptance costs and decrease payment infrastructure management costs. We can help you realize savings, freeing up time and resources to focus on your priorities.

What we offer

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Frictionless checkout experience across channels

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Access to leading global payment methods

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Consistent shopping and returns experiences

Increased access to customer and sales data with consistent reporting across channels and payment types

Increased access to customer and sales data with consistent reporting across channels and payment types

Staying connected

Staying connected to consumers and keeping up with the latest payment methods provide advantages to any business. Our solutions are perfect for a diverse range of industries, such as:

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Enterprise Retail

Solutions that simplify payments infrastructure, allow additions of new payment types and technologies, build robust customer loyalty programs and secure customer data.

Small and Medium Business

Small and Medium Business

Reduced IT burdens and costs with connected mPOS and omnichannel solutions.



Pay at the table solutions, omnichannel experiences and enhanced loyalty programs.



Enhanced product offerings for banks and financial institutions, with access to additional functionality and services.

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Processors and ISOs

Modernize payments infrastructure, gain faster access to new technology and expand available features with a single integration to InComm Payments.

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