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Programs utilizing our restricted spend technology can select product catalogs or specify items eligible for purchase across participating retail networks. Once cards or barcodes are distributed, cardholders can redeem card funds for eligible items, with SKU-level eligibility automatically determined at checkout.


Currently powering over six million active OTC Network cardholders through InComm Healthcare, this technology can be leveraged for a wide range of use cases, including:

Fleet drivers

FEMA disaster relief disbursements

Contractor supply purchasing

Per diem programs

FSA/EBT/ECA/WIC disbursements

Not-for-profit and government disbursements

Coupon and discount redemptions

... and many more


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SKU-Level Adjudication


Our partners can select from product catalogs of eligible items, with eligibility determined at the SKU-level, to ensure earmarked funds are spent only on approved items. For example, disaster relief funds can be limited to food and essential supplies, contractor spending can be limited to materials and tools, coupons and cross-promotional discounts can be customized … our flexible platform allows for solutions across a wide range of use cases.

Modernized Couponing


Our restricted-spend technology is capable of converting coupons into an “InComm Payments Offer Payment” that utilizes payments to authenticate and clear coupons. Our platform also enables digital coupon formats that allow for product-level offers as part of the payment.

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POS authentication

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Reduced fraud

Reduced cost through e-clearing of paper coupons

Reduced cost through e-clearing of paper coupons

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Enhanced product offers



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