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From the last–minute shopper to the budget-conscious consumer to the tech–savvy teenager, there is a perfect product on a peg that will meet their unique needs – a gift card.


Gift cards have evolved into a preferred gift option and a reliable financial tool for consumers of all stripes.

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Let us show you how those few square inches of plastic have a major impact on your bottom line.

Whether in physical or digital form, gift cards give your customers a versatile gift or financial tool that they will regularly rely on, driving consumer demand year after year.


We can help you implement a gift card strategy to reach more consumers and drive more revenue.

Brand Assortment

We have long-standing partnerships with over 1,000 brands, including some of the most popular brands in the world. We give our retailers access to the largest and best assortment of gift cards in the industry.

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Our Brands

Our proprietary gift card brands are among the most popular and well-respected open-loop prepaid products in the industry.

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Vanilla® Gift

Our proprietary Vanilla Gift Card allows consumers to give their loved ones a gift they know they'll love.

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Our OneVanilla Cards give consumers a simple, safe and reliable way to make online payments without using a bank account or credit card.

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American Express® Gift Cards

Our growing open-loop gift card assortment now includes the distribution rights for American Express Gift Cards in the U.S., giving our partners access to another trusted consumer brand.

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InComm Incentives

InComm Incentives is our simplest solution for purchasing gift cards, physical or digital, in bulk. It lets you choose from a large selection of products online and purchase them in only a few steps.

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Animated Gift Cards

Our B2C e-commerce solution is ideal for exploring our variety of dynamic delivery options. Through email or mobile, we can deliver vibrant, interactive notifications that are as fun as the gift itself. Customers can even integrate customized names and messages into the animation for that perfect meaningful touch.

Gift Tokens

Our patented gift tokens are the gift card’s answer for the fast-paced digital era.



InComm Payments' consumer research* shows that 26% of all gifts are in amounts of $20 or less. Our tokens allow for the delivery of those small “just because” or “quick thank you” gifts – such as a cup of coffee, a movie ticket or a burrito – with some thoughtfulness and pizazz behind it.

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With interactive haptic technology, you can send a mobile message that requires your recipient to blow out their candles or chug their beer on their device to reveal the gift. These exciting personalized gifts can mean far more than their single-digit dollar amount. They’re perfect for businesses looking to engage and motivate, and their high lift percentage makes them ideal for the brands involved.



* Source: GCI Research Study


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