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Healthcare doesn’t have to be hard.

Improve members’ health and your cost of care with our streamlined, all-in-one InComm Dual Network Benefit Card (flex card).


Our flexcard solution allows you to mix and match any or all benefits on one card, including: over-the-counter products, dental, vision and hearing, healthy foods, delivered meals and produce, utilities, incentives and more. The Medicare flex card makes paying for eligible expenses, such as copay and qualifying services, quick and easy.


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OTC (Over-the-Counter) Products

Members receive funds that are restricted to only be spent on approved items. Multiple catalogs are available to determine which OTC items and healthy foods funds can be spent on.


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Dental, Vision and Hearing

Members receive funds that are restricted to only be spent on specific merchant categories. Health plan determines which merchant categories to include. For example, dental, vision and hearing services.


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Healthy Foods Benefit

Members receive funds that are restricted to only be spent on approved healthy foods items. Engage food-insecure members by allowing them to purchase healthy foods using plan provided dollars.


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Incentives and Rewards

Members receive funds restricted to CMS compliant items. These can be reloadable and are available in digital or physical formats. Gift cards for health and wellness brands are also a great option.


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Delivered Meals and Produce

Support your members with the proper nutrition. Offer medically tailored meals and farm-fresh produce boxes to support a range of conditions.


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Other Benefit Programs & Services

Deliver added value to your members with our unique health benefit products and solutions. InComm Healthcare is open to working with your partners or vendors so they can accept our benefit card.

Transportation Services

Eliminate transportation barriers for your Medicare Advantage population. Members can easily schedule non-emergency medical transportation using plan-provided dollars.

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Restricted Spend Cards

Offer a card that filters spending to specific items or categories. Track card usage with our UPC-level reporting.



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Targeted Product Catalogs

Tailor a program to your members' top healthcare challenges with catalogs such as First Years Wellness and Smoking Cessation.


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VanillaDirect Pay™

Provide your unbanked or cash-preferred members with a flexible, no-cost and hassle-free payment solution. Using a statement or mobile barcode, they can pay their monthly premium with cash at participating retailers.

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Internet and Utilities
Bill Payment

Allow your members to put their benefit dollars towards paying utilities like Internet, electric, gas, or water with our online platform solution. ​ 


Home Health

Provide at-home support services to address dementia and members with disabilities who need assistance, as an alternative to a skilled nursing facility. In-home care provides peace of mind to both the member and their families.


Offer routine care or services provided by licensed practitioners


Offer members a chance to stay active with gym memberships and fitness classes


Offer routine care or services provided by licensed practitioners


InComm Healthcare delivers a best-in-class member experience with the OTC Network offering of 62,000+ participating retailers in the market.

The OTC Network Card Processing System not only works with the largest network of participating retailers but also allows independent pharmacies and grocers to accept healthcare benefit and incentive cards for in-store purchases. This gives your customers access to thousands of eligible products for purchase with benefit dollars.




Members can easily check their available balances, find participating retailers, and look up eligible items through My Benefits Center.

Within the web portal or mobile app, members can also directly access convenient online shopping options.








Supplemental Benefits Explained

As health insurance costs continue to rise, many Medicare advantage plans are choosing to help offset out of pocket expenses by offering supplemental benefit programs. These programs provide funds to Medicare and Medicaid members for eligible health care items and qualifying services, that would otherwise not be covered by their health plans.


According to our 2021 research, Medicare program participants are 83% more likely to rate their Medicare benefits provider satisfaction higher if offered their top three choices of supplemental coverage. Plans that go beyond the basic benefits not only improve member satisfaction, but also overall health through increased preventative care. This decreases out of pocket costs, and other expenses associated with cost of care.