Press Release: InComm Healthcare Partners with MDHearing

Press Release: InComm Payments Acquires Zenda

Press Release: Exclusive U.K. Distributor of Pandora Corporate Gift Cards

Press Release: InComm Payments Expands Brazil Operations

Press Release: InComm Payments Wins “Consumer Payments Innovation Award”

Press Release: InComm Payments Acquires The Card Network (CDN)

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Healthcare Benefits & Incentives

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Solutran provides health solutions such as OTC and food benefits, as well as rewards and grocery discounts.



WEX offers solutions for three primary businesses including fleet, corporate payments, and benefits.


FirstLine Benefits

FirstLine Benefits offers health solutions such as OTC, grocery benefits, and Ready Sets.


Nations Benefits

Nations Benefits is a supplemental benefits company that was founded in 2015 by Glenn M. Parker, M.D.


Blackhawk Network

Blackhawk Network offers gift cards, prepaid cards, and digital rewards solutions.


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