How Does InComm Healthcare Compare to Nations Benefits?

About Nations Benefits

Nations Benefits is a supplemental benefits company that was founded in 2015 by Glenn M. Parker, M.D. The company is headquartered in Plantation, Florida with distribution centers in California, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, and Utah. Nations Benefits offers hearing, OTC products, flex, healthy foods, and wellness solutions.

InComm HealthcareNations Benefits
Restricted Spend - Retail Locations66K
MCC Restrictions and/or merchant ID restrictionsOptional
Catalog & Reporting at SKU Level
Catalog & Reporting at Category LevelOptional
Overlapping item capability (SKU can be in multiple catalogs)
Mail Order Capabilities
Multiple Mail Order Providers
Online Ordering
Healthy Foods
Prepared Meal Delivery
Fresh Produce Delivery
Coupons & Offers
API’s to Onboard any Benefit Provider
Digital Card Offerings
Incentive Products (Visa, American Express and gift cards)
Independent Pharmacy & Grocery Network
Dual Network Capabilities

This comparison was taken on June 3, 2022. Any statistics or comparisons were directly from Nations Benefits’ website. InComm Healthcare is in no way affiliated with Nations Benefits.

Benefits of InComm Healthcare Over Competitors

We provide comprehensive benefits on a single flex card with the largest retailer and partner network in the industry. No other program offers our robust 62,000+ participating retailer network, scope of solutions, customer service, and comprehensive, intuitive member experiences.

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