How Does InComm Healthcare Compare to WEX?

About WEX

  • WEX is headquartered in Portland, Maine, and has been in the market since 1983. WEX is a fintech payment processing provider that was originally a startup. The company offers payment solutions for three primary businesses including fleet solutions, travel and corporate solutions, and benefits. 


  • WEX offers fleet fuel cards, fuel management, and trucking fleet cards. Fleet fuel cards are designed for fleet vehicles including small businesses, large fleets, and government fleets. These cards allow drivers to carry a balance when cash flow is low.


  • WEX fuel cards are gas cards that help manage fuel purchases at fuel locations (any major gas station). WEX Fleet Cards provide savings and real-time reports. Unlike credit cards, expenses can be limited to driving. There is also a mobile app available for drivers and access to real-time reporting.


  • WEX’s health and employee benefit solutions include commercial, HSA, FSA, and benefits cards. 




This comparison was taken on April 3, 2023. Any statistics or comparisons are directly from InComm Healthcare is in no way affiliated with WEX. 

InComm Healthcare Competitive Advantages

We provide comprehensive benefits on a single flex card with the largest retailer and partner network in the industry. No other program offers our robust 68,000+ participating retailer network, scope of solutions, customer service, and comprehensive, intuitive member experiences.

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We are a financial Service company with 31+ years of issuing Flex/Open loop cards. We are the issuer of the cards allowing complete flexibility and control.

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Largest retail network — including large chains, independent pharmacies and groceries, and online options.

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One card that can include member ID, product restriction, and flex restriction

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Ability to configure program as one super wallet or unlimited product and flex-restricted wallets and rewards

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Invented the OTC Network® over 13 years ago

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Fully compliant rewards wallet that excludes ATF items but is flexible enough to be used at 68K locations

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Mobile app that allows members to scan products in-store to check eligibility

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31 years of payment card production history allowing accurate and timely distribution of member cards

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Direct retail integration eliminates an additional failure point, provides consistency across the network, and allows maximum flexibility in wallet configurations and overlapping items

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Flexibility to work with any mail-order partner, benefits partner, or eCommerce retailer

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