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Vision Benefits

Our flex card is the easiest way to provide vision care benefits without managing an individual program.

Provide funds for members to spend on routine eye exams, contact lenses, or eyewear.

Managing benefit programs can be a time-consuming process

Our InComm Healthcare Benefit Card allows for the delivery of funds for all eligible eye care services on one card, improving efficiency without the headaches of backend management. For Medicare members, spending funds is as simple as swiping the card at any participating clinic that accepts credit cards — so they can shop around for their vision services without worrying about network providers.

Multiple Benefits, One Card

Multi-wallet capabilities allow delivery of multiple programs on one card — add one or more benefits, in any combination, such as dental, vision and hearing.


  • Multiple wallets for managing spend/load
  • Segment members in different plans with varying benefit amounts
  • Restricts spending to approved merchants
  • Unspent funds returned to the health plan
  • Card is branded to your specific brand
  • Card load: Annually | Quarterly | Monthly

Increase member options and customer satisfaction with our InComm Healthcare Benefit Card

Members pay directly for products like eyeglasses or contact lenses and services such as preventive eye doctor visits with the amount on the card. This supplemental insurance benefit is a perfect way to provide vision coverage without the hassle of managing an additional network. Members will appreciate the service and the convenience, while you’ll appreciate the efficient program management and increased in members’ overall health.

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