Alleviating Food Insecurity: InComm’s Healthy Foods Benefit Card

Addressing the Crisis of Food Insecurity 

Despite remarkable progress and technological advancement, the disconcerting truth remains that food insecurity and malnutrition continues to surge across our nation. Americans experience food insecurity and worry about having enough food or shortages of healthy food.

Over 48 million people face daily hunger.* 

That’s about twice the population of Texas! We can impact this number by making food accessible to all. To help address food insecurity, InComm Healthcare proudly introduces the Healthy Foods Benefit Card. This revolutionary card streamlines the grocery shopping experience and proactively strides toward preventing food insecurity, improving health conditions, overall well-being, and healthy lives.

When the Covid-19 pandemic was at its peak, many Americans had trouble accessing basic needs due to food prices at the grocery store, food availability due to food supply chain, and food production issues. Poverty, unemployment, or lack of access to healthcare are root causes of food insecurity. Many families (including low-income) had a lack of access to nutritious food, which could affect their physical and mental health. Many families rely on WIC or SNAP benefits.

*Source: Feeding America. Celebrating Our Partners This Hunger Action Month

Restricted-Spend Technology

InComm’s restricted-spend technology provides food assistance by allowing health plans to add funds to prepaid cards to be spent for food access, including CMS-approved items like groceries.

Members can shop in 68,000+ retail locations, online, and grocery and farmers markets.

Our partnerships provide options for food programs like meal delivery and produce boxes, helping address chronic health conditions (including obesity). Our produce boxes come from local farmers and their food systems, limiting food waste. Our team can even work with food pantries or food banks by providing a restricted spend card for healthy groceries.

How It Works

checkmark icon

Add funds to card

retail store icon

Visit a participating store location

healthy foods icon

Shop for approved items

cash register icon


healthy food card icon

Swipe your Healthy Foods Card (eligible items are automatically approved and paid for)

Learn More About Our Initiatives

Discover how we are making a difference in food security in the lives of vulnerable populations, particularly in rural West Virginia, by visiting our dedicated page. The West Virginia Health Network uses InComm’s restricted-spend technology for a program created for 350 members. Their members received prepaid cards with benefit fund amounts ranging in $75-$175. The cards were accepted at a top retailer where members shopped, and eligible items were deducted at checkout.

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