Healthy Foods Benefit

Empower members through access to healthy and nutritious food.

Provide Medicare funds for grocery store staples like whole grains, dairy products, and supplements.

Encouraging Overall Wellness Starts with a Healthy Diet

Healthier diets lead to healthier outcomes. For members who are food-insecure, healthy, nutritious foods can seem out of reach. With InComm Healthcare’s Healthy Foods Benefit, you can allocate health benefit dollars to be used towards healthy foods.


  • Restrict benefit spending to only healthy foods and products
  • Multi-wallet capabilities — deliver multiple programs on a single card
  • Access to healthy products at the stores where they regularly shop
  • No cash withdrawal capability
  • Lower cost by recapturing any unspent benefit dollars
  • Comprehensive reporting tools

Simplified Solutions for Healthy Behavior

Healthy eating is key to healthy living, which means food insecurity can create significant challenges. Fortunately, health plans have the power to address this, and positively impact other factors such as obesity rates and risk of heart disease.

Powered by the OTC Network®, you can count on the Healthy Food Card’s best-in-class program management to reduce your overhead and maximize outcomes — saving you money while satisfying your members.

Largest Retailer Network in the Industry

More Than 62,000+ Participating Stores

Members can check out using their healthy foods card at retailers in their neighborhood

Members can easily check their available balances, find retailers, and look up eligible items through My Benefits Center.

Within the web portal or app, members can also directly access convenient online shopping options.

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