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Elevate Your HSA Experience With InComm

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Eliminate Hassle and Save Money

Did you know that the average family with an HSA misses out on recovering $2,500 of eligible medical expenses each year?** That is a LOT of money left on the table. 

InComm HSA has pulled off the impossible: it never misses a medical expense you’re entitled to and even better, it keeps the information you need for the IRS automatically. Just use the benefits card and see for yourself. It’s magical.

Introducing a Revolutionary Way to Manage Your HSA:

All-inclusive solutions that merge an AI-powered Visa® debit card*, a versatile tax-advantaged bank account, and an intuitive mobile application. Together, they streamline healthcare payments, ensuring automation, convenience, and optimization. This pioneering product marks a new era in health savings account products, infused with AI capabilities to simplify expense management and grant you peace of mind. 

The InComm HSA benefits card is the one your members will reach for again and again. Members can use this benefits card at their favorite grocery or drug store to pay for an entire purchase, and it will instantly determine which items are eligible for their HSA and automatically deduct them from their healthcare expense account. Additional items that aren’t eligible will roll over to their everyday account balance. The app does all the math for them and makes spending, reimbursing, tracking, and submitting expenses hassle-free.

The benefits of an HSA are that members avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses for healthcare costs like copays, over-the-counter items, prescription drugs, dental expenses, vision care, and more. InComm HSA funds enable federal income tax-free withdrawals for eligible medical costs or distributions. 

There are triple tax savings when using an HSA:

  • Tax-deductible HSA contributions
  • Investments are income tax-free***
  • Withdrawals are tax-free when used for qualified expenses

Easy & streamlined HSA administration

InComm HSA is easy to administer, relieving your team of time-consuming tasks. Whether it is automating enrollment, new ways to manage contributions or best in class investment options – InComm HSA helps you increase employee satisfaction.

Seamless setup & automation

InComm HSA solves all the problems that make setting up and managing an HSA program such a headache. Our admin dashboard lets you see everything at-a-glance and manage employee eligibility and contributions easily.

And when you need it, contact us to help you with all things HSA. Our support team is here to help.

When your employees save more, so do you

The typical employee only charges $1,600 to their HSA, missing out on maximum HSA opportunities.** InComm’s user-friendly mobile app and HSA benefits card remove common barriers that hinder employees from accessing their desired savings. Increased contributions result in amplified savings for both employers and employees. Employers can enjoy savings on employer-side payroll taxes for contributions, which collectively amount to nearly 8%. A true win-win scenario.

Offer HDHP with confidence

High-deductible health plans provide a cost-efficient choice for companies looking for relief from substantial healthcare expenses while promoting optimal utilization of HSA benefits cards.

person managing their InComm HSA via mobile app

5 Ways to Maximize Your HSA

Explore HSA tax benefits, why it’s important to maximize contribution limits, and how HSAs differ from IRAs.

How It Works:

Setting up and managing an HSA program is simple and clear through InComm. The admin dashboard offers a comprehensive overview, enabling effortless management of employment eligibility and contributions. There is also a dedicated support team to guide you through HSA-related questions.

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See what our clients say about the innovation they deliver to their employees.

“Gives us just-in-time guidance for employees, and for me, as I juggle all our benefits administration and payroll.”

– Natalie, Benefits Manager, Real Intent

“We’re transferring benefits and [InComm] brought a unique approach that’s new in the market.”

–  Ray, Global Benefits, DataStax

“Our employees seek choice in balancing current spending and future savings, and [InComm] brings real-time actionability.”

– Bassel, CEO, LigaData

“Super easy rollout and administration.”

– Sarah, Benefits Manager, Sierra Ventures

“Responsive and knowledgeable in the services they provide. Their webinars offer straightforward explanations on topics that are useful to the overall experience.”

– Shelly, HR Operations Manager, Costal Community Bank

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*Banking services are provided by Coastal Community Bank, member FDIC. The InComm HSA benefits card is issued by Coastal Community Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc.  InComm spending accounts are FDIC insured up to $250,000 per depositor through Coastal Community Bank, Member FDIC.

Investment products are not insured by Coastal Community Bank, the FDIC, or any Federal Government Agency and may lose value. Privacy notice for Coastal Community Bank can be found here.



**HSA expenses and spending computed using:
Medical Expense Panel Survey, ; Kaiser Foundation, Annual Health Benefits Survey 2020; Vision Council, ; EBRI: Issue Brief Nov 2020, derived from: database of 10M HSA accounts ; US Census:


***Applies to specific states

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