Internet and Utilities Bill Payment

Allow your members to put their benefit dollars towards paying utilities like Internet, electricity, gas, or water with our online platform solution.

health plan member sitting at a desk using a laptop

The Internet is a proven asset for accessing healthcare education or connecting to medical professionals.

Help tackle accessibility issues for those who do not have easy access to the internet or address elderly populations. Medicare Advantage members can use a restricted spend card loaded with an allocated monthly amount. The allocated funds cover crucial utilities like gas, electricity, water, sewer, etc. This ensures members can effectively use their benefit dollars to maintain connectivity and access necessary services, fostering their overall well-being.

How It Works

Health plan members log in to our user-friendly online portal, where they can seamlessly select their utility provider, and use their benefits card for payment. Payments can be made in partial or full amounts, ensuring that individuals have the flexibility and independence to manage their expenses as they need.

This benefit helps mitigate social determinants of health, acknowledging the increasing recognition of the internet as a significant barrier. By providing funds for internet and utilities, this benefit helps incorporate telehealth, combats social isolation, increases health education, provides access to digital health apps, and addresses disparities like economic status.

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